Standard shipping takes about 3-10 business days in Australia.

Please note that this is only a guide and may differ between location. Although we do ship 1-2 business days after your order has been placed, local postal delays may occur.

Do you do wholesale/bulk purchases?

Yes we do! We would love to work with other businesses or take bulk/wholesale purchases. Please e-mail us on info@lutte.com.au for more information.

Do your products contain caffeine?

All our products provide energy in natural ways.

The only product that contains caffeine is Matcha.

However, the Caffeine intake in Matcha is very different from coffee and caffeinated drinks. Matcha contains about 1/10th the caffeine of a cup of coffee.  It helps enhance energy and concentration and it creates an "alert calm" due to a natural substance it contains called l-theanine, which induces relaxation without drowsiness.  With Matcha, the caffeine is absorbed and released slowly by the body over a period of 6-8 hours. This means that Matcha provides a sustainable energy boost without the rapid 30-minute spike, slump, and jitters associated with coffee.

Why should I consume Lutte's products? Why are they healthy/good for me?

In short, all our products contain different and specific health benefits for you. However, all of them are filled with antioxidants and are designed specifically to raise your metabolism, burn fat, fill you with energy throughout the day and detoxify your body.  Formulated with all-natural, highly sought after ingredients each sourced and selected for their unique properties which have long lists of health benefits. 

For more information on the health benefits of our products, please visit the "Health Benefits" page.

Are Lutte's products Vegan and Gluten Free?

Yes, all our products are vegan, gluten, preservative and dairy free!

How do I consume/make Lutte's products?

Lutte's products reflect a healthier version of a "Latte".

All you have to do is add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the mixture with your choice of any hot milk. Feel free to add anything extra as per your liking!

You can also make Ice Latte's by adding cold milk and ice cubes instead.

Our products can also be used for cooking purposes. For example: Smoothies, Pancakes, Chia Seed Puddings, Cakes, Protein Balls/Bars, Ice Cream, Biscuits, Granola, Smoothie Bowls, Doughnuts and More!

Are your products safe for children or if you are pregnant/breastfeeding?

Yes! Our products are safe and suitable to be consumed for all ages and all kinds of people.

Are Lutte's products healthier then Coffee? What is wrong with Coffee?

All our products contain numerous health benefits.  For more information please visit our "Health Benefits" page.

Although a suitable amount of Coffee consumption may not be necessarily bad, Lutte's aim is to provide a healthier alternative to Coffee which can still be enjoyed and consumed the same way as a cup of Coffee. 

Coffee is everyone’s ‘go to’ and favorite ‘drug’. Majority of people rely or start their day off with caffeine to keep them going. However, there are also many negative effects and potential health risks regarding coffee. Such as: heartburn, insomnia, high cholesterol, raising blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease/attacks, stimulating hydrochloric acid, increasing stress, anxiety and tension.

Coffee may give you a temporary ‘buz’, however after awhile you crash and become exhausted again, which leads you to drinking another cup. After all, the reason why people ‘can not live without it’ is because it becomes addictive.

Therefore, Lutte strives to provide a vibrant drink which provides many more health benefits then coffee. Because in the end, it is not a short term diet.  It is a long term lifestyle change.